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Taking Root Nursery grows over 800 varieties of perennials. Including evergreen and herbacous varieties.
Herbacous perennials are a group of non-woody plants that have one thing in common: they live for at least three years and more often for decades. Some perennials die down to the ground after the first hard frost and then reappear the following spring. These are often referred to as herbaceous perennials. They include varieties such as daylilies, hostas and peonies.
Other perennials, such as candytuft, ajuga, bergenia and creeping phlox weather winter in small tufts, conserving energy so that they’re ready to explode with flowers as soon as the soil warms in spring. This group of perennials are referred to as evergreen perennials. With foliage that persists without change during the winter months.
Perennials offer incredible diversity. They are available in many forms, textures and colors. Including many bulbs, groundcovers, and ornamental grasses. Visit us today to see our incredible selection!
Perennials produce show-stopping colors with their dazzling foliage and flowers. Trees and shrubs provide structure in the garden, while perennials play the important role of filling in around the edges making your garden complete.